Automate your HVAC-Plumbing business so you can grow profitably.

We help you put the repetitive parts of your business on autopilot, so you can focus on growth and keep more of the money you make.

"Most business owners fall into the trap of working "in" their business instead of "on" their business."

Michael Gerber

Author, The E-Myth Revisited

Make ops your superpower.

Cottonwood Automation brings together automation, AI, global talent and other digital technologies that were previously only accessible to a few of the largest HVAC-Plumbing companies.

How We Work

We document your process.

We help visualize your current business workflows while you describe what it is you’d most like to clear off your plate.

Make recommendations

We offer suggestions, make tool recommendations (if necessary), and gather other info to begin implementing.

Automate your flows

We connect the pipes, and transform your processes with automation so your business runs smoother than ever before.

We Hold Your Hand All The Way

Not sure what to do next? We will guide you through your next high impact projects, operations buildouts, and automations.

About Us

Cottonwood Automation is a digital operations agency that is putting the power in your corner.

Until recently, business process automation was reserved for companies who had the scale to build their own software. Today, the tools that empowered the world’s largest organizations to grow are available to all businesses - at a fraction of the cost. 

However, tools are just part of the battle. Creating clarity from complexity is the real key. We digitize and automate businesses to improve efficiency and scalability through a solid understanding of the business context and technical possibilities. Our work spans across departments and combines a mixture of business operations and cutting-edge technology skills.

Meet the team

Uzair Ahmed

Scaled a home service company to 23 cities on autopilot. Helping other companies leverage tech & systems the same way.

Sachin Gupta

After selling his startup and completing his MBA at Harvard, Sachin has built and optimized processes at large and small enterprises.

Let's connect

What can Cottonwood automate for you?


leads from advertising platform to CRM


to new customers instantly


job details into project management software


broadcasts across marketing channels


team members of deal updates


customer data entry across systems


support tickets with resolution statuses


information across teams’ tools


communications with customer details

Find or create

records to prevent duplicate entries

Tag and segment

audiences based on custom variables


scheduling for sales and production crews

Follow up

with customers across channels


subscribers from website contact forms


lists based on meetings and events


ecommerce site with email tools


delivery of lead magnets to prospects


SMS communications from lead gen source


event reminders to sales prospects


communications to internal teams

Stop fighting never ending fires

It doesn't have to be this way. Turn chaos into clarity with perfectly formed processes, systems, and automations that run on their own.